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The price for our standard grooming service varies by breed and amount of styling. It includes a bath, anal glands expressed, ear cleaning, nail trim, brushing and haircut if applicable. We groom all breeds of dogs and cats! Call, email or stop in for price.

***these services are IN ADDITION to your pet's base grooming price***

Shed-less treatment
-includes deShedding shampoo, undercoat release conditioner and deShedding brush out to remove undercoat. Stops shedding by up to 90%!

The Ultimate Treatment 
-includes Vanilla Blueberry Facial to whiten, brighten, and help remove tear stains - Bubble Bath Paw Treatment to soothe and moisturize dry paws - OatCare Oatmeal Shampoo to moisturize and soothe skin and coat - Toothbrushing - Nail Filing to smooth out sharp edges on nails. 

The Itchy Pet Treatment 
OatCare Oatmeal Shampoo to moisturize and soothe dry or itchy skin.
Re-Moisturizing Hot Oil Treatment to DEEPLY moisturize skin and coat, it contains a blend of essential oils including aloe vera, Jojoba, vitamins and a fresh baby oil fragrance.

Spa Mud Treatment 
-A deep penetrating treatment with a luxurious effect. This top of the line treatment nourishes the skin and coat, detoxifies, exfoliates dead skin cells and soothes irritated skin. It also adds a brilliant shine and gloss to your dog's coat. 

A La Carte Services 
-Paw Soak                                  -Toothbrushing   
-Vanilla Blueberry Facial          -Nail filing